Personal Automobile Insurance

Automobile Policies Are Designed To:

  • Protect others and their property.
  • Protect you and your property.
  • Protect your vehicle.
  • Did you know this about car rentals? When you rent a car while on vacation, most insurance policies will automatically cover your rental, where you would not need to purchase insurance through the rental company. Check with your insurance representative.
  • Did you know this about your special toys? Your antique vehicles may be covered seperately under a special policy.

Common Pitfalls

  • Limits of liability that are too low, will expose you to catastrophic risk.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage that matches your bodily injury coverage should be considered. Even though the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the other driver, most times their coverage is too low. Since you purchase high limits for others, why not give yourself the same protection?


While the most common auto coverages are summarized on this page, a licensed agent can help you tailor the most cost effective policy consistent with the protection you need.

When obtaining quotes with a new company, make sure you are matching the coverages to what you currently have. There is no sense in comparing prices when coverages are completely different.

You also may be shocked to find how some coverages are relatively cheap to increase to a higher limit. High deductibles also don't always mean a huge savings, make sure you are checking pricing of different deductibles to give you a better idea of what you should choose.

Protection For Others & Their Property

  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage - This coverage covers for bodily injury you may do to someone else with your vehicle. For Example: If you are in an accident and people in another automobile are injured it will help protect you from lawsuits.
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage - This covers for damage to other people’s property with your vehicle. This could be another vehicle, fence, building or any other form of property. This is one of the most overlooked coverages and generally most people do not purchase enough coverage. Vehicles are just getting more expensive to fix since they are computers on wheels. For Example: You purchased the state minimum property damage coverage and get into an accident with a brand-new Mercedes. The damages may exceed the amount of coverage you carry. If sued, it will also cover your legal defense.

Protection For You & Your Passengers

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or No Fault Coverage - This is a coverage you are required to carry, and it covers for reasonable and necessary medical expenses for those named on the policy – such as you and any other persons riding within your vehicle. This is for any injuries sustained in an auto accident, regardless of fault. It also provides you with coverage for lost wages or essential services.
  • Medical Payments Coverage - This covers you for medical expenses related to injuries sustained in an auto accident.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage - This covererage is for you or passengers in your vehicle who are injured because of the negligence of an Uninsured or Underinsured driver. You may seek compensation for injuries and damages through this coverage, up to the limit on your policy.

Protection For Your Vehicle

  • Collision Coverage - This coverage pays for damage to your vehicle due to an accident with another vehicle or property. This provides a safety net in the event your vehicle is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Comprehensive (Other Than Collision) Coverage - This coverage pays for damage to your vehicle that is caused by fire, theft, vandalism, natural disasters or hitting an animal. A common claim for comprehensive coverage is generally a broken windshield.
  • Rental Reimbursement - This coverage helps you cover the costs you incur for renting a car when your car is disabled or getting fixed due to an accident. Please Note: Most companies will not allow you to use this coverage for a breakdown, it must be as a result of an accident.
  • Towing - This coverage helps you pay the costs you incur for having your vehicle towed from the scene of an accident. Please Note: Not all companies allow you to use this coverage for a breakdown, some will only allow you to use this in the event of an accident. Check with your company or agent.

Discounts & How To Save Money

These are some steps you can take to lower your insurance costs:

  • Keep up a good driving record for you (the driver) and any family member in the household who uses the car on a regular basis.
  • Keep good credit and you will be rewarded with lower premiums.
  • Consider raising your deductibles if you have comprehensive and collision coverage.
  • Install an alarm on the vehicle.
  • Ask about multi car or multi policy discounts.
  • Ask about pay in full discounts. Some companies discount your insurance by 5% to 10% if you pay your policy in full for the term.
  • Ask if you qualify for a low mileage discount. Some companies offer discounts if you do not drive as much. While this is limited to a few companies, it does exist.
  • If you are looking for a new car, research the following: Is the vehicle high on the list of stolen vehicles? Do they cost a lot to fix after an accident? If so, review other options as comprehensive and collision coverage rates will be higher.
  • Find a car that has a theft device and safety equipment as this will help reduce some premium. (Anti-lock brakes, early collision warning system, airbags, daytime running lights etc.)
  • Remember that sports cars or high-performance cars generally cost more in premium to insure than a minivan.
  • Take a defensive driving course – some states allow up to a 10% credit.
  • If your vehicle is older, consider purchasing just liability coverage, as comprehensive and collision could get expensive as the vehicle gets older, and no longer be worth having all that coverage.
  • If you own a home, ask about homeownership discounts, as some companies offer this savings.
  • If you have young drivers on the policy, if they are a good student (B+ or better) or if they took drivers education, you can save some additional premium.
  • Some companies offer a paperless discount if you sign up to receive documents by email. If you are comfortable with receiving electronic copies of documents, this is an easy way to save a little on premium.

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