Book A Speaker, Elevate Your Event

Book A Speaker, Elevate Your Event


Looking for that extra oomph at your live extravaganza or virtual bash?

Enter our stellar lineup of speakers who don’t just talk about insurance—they make it an unforgettable experience!

Ignite Your Event

Whether it’s a bustling trade show or a virtual soirée, our insurance gurus are primed and ready to captivate your audience. Need someone to decode the insurance galaxy? Voilà! Seeking a touch of wisdom sprinkled with humor? We’ve got your back!

Universal Accessibility

No location is too far! Our speakers are jet-setters, game for travel, or adept at landing right into your virtual realm. Wherever you are, they’ll bring the insurance expertise and enthusiasm straight to you.

Tailored Brilliance

One-size-fits-all? Not in our vocabulary! We believe in tailor-made talks, curated precisely for your audience. Tell us about your goals, and we’ll craft a bespoke talk that perfectly complements your event’s objectives.

Heat Up the Stage

Brace yourself for more than just insights—expect an engaging fusion of knowledge and entertainment! Our speakers don’t just talk; they spark conversations, inspire action, and leave your audience craving more.

Podcast and Webinar Marvels

Looking for brilliant minds to feature on your podcast or webinar? We’re your go-to squad! Our speakers bring their A-game, infusing your platform with insightful insurance discussions and thought-provoking conversations. From captivating audiences on-stage to inspiring listeners through airwaves, we’re geared up to amplify your content.

Unleash the Magic

We’re not just about speeches; we’re about creating an experience that leaves a lasting impact. Let’s team up…Prepare to unleash the magic of insurance wisdom in ways you never imagined! Together, we’ll make your event the talk of the town.

Reach out today and discover how our speakers are ready to tailor an experience, Just For You!


Get To Know Us…

Want to peek behind the curtain? Dive into our world and discover how we’re serious about making insurance less “blah” and more “aha”!

Check out our squad, the states we rock in, our backstory, and more. Let our family be the secret sauce for your insurance wonders!

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Buzz Us Up…

Tired of unraveling insurance puzzles? Hit us up – no fancy jargon, just straight-up answers!

Don’t feel like clicking around? Our hotline’s ready to tackle your questions, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Let’s turn insurance talk into a laid-back chat!


Schedule a Hangout…

Not a fan of mystery voices on the line? Let’s change that! Prefer face-to-face chats? Swing by our office or summon us to your turf.

Want a virtual hug? Zoom in with us! We’re all about comfort – pick your spot, and let’s set up a friendly rendezvous! Your insurance just got a whole lot friendlier.

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