Personal Article Floater: Jewelry Insurance 101

Jewelry Insurance or Personal Article Floater Policies are designed to cover your valuable personal property in the event of a loss.

Homeowners Insurance is usually limited in the value of the various personal articles you have. Most policies will tap out at $1,500 per item. When you have an expensive item, it pays to list the item on a personal article floater policy. Some homeowners carriers will offer this coverage as an endorsement, and you can schedule your various valuable items without purchasing a separate policy. Check with your Insurance Carrier.

Also known as Inland Marine Policies, Personal Article Floater became a more common name, as the insurance policy floats or travels with the valuable items.

When you schedule your various items, there may be an option for replacement cost or actual cash value. With valuable items on a Jewelry Insurance Policy, you always want to choose actual cash value. The company will request an appraisal, but at least you know that in the event of a loss, you will receive the full value of the item. You should update your appraisals often to make sure you are covered properly. Replacement cost coverage will only pay out up to a depreciated value. You don’t want to leave those values up to the company to decide at the time of claim.

Items Covered?


  • Jewelry
  • Cameras
  • Furs
  • Silverware
  • Musical Instruments
  • Personal Computers (over a certain value)
  • China
  • Crystal
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Fine Art
  • Antiques
  • Stamp Collection
  • Coin Collection
  • Anything of high value that is a movable item

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