Worried about a vehicle repair bill? Protect your ride! Join Michael Chuber as he discusses Mercury Protect Vehicle Mechanical Protection Plans.
Like a superhero for your car, learn how to safeguard your ride & enjoy the freedom of worry-free driving.

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While this is not an extended warranty, it’s better!

Coverage similar to your manufacturer warranty, it never expires regardless of how much you drive or own your vehicle!

  • Includes 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Includes Rental Car Reimbursement
  • Includes Special Electronics Coverage
  • Take your vehicle to ANY licensed repair facility
  • Free-Look period of 30 days, cancel with a full refund.

Protect your ride with Mercury Insurance Vehicle Mechanical Protection. Are you ready? Let’s dive in:

SAI Insurance has partnered with Mercury Protect, a division of Mercury Insurance; one of America’s most respected insurance companies to offer you a first-class monthly vehicle repair plan that never expires with time or mileage. In a world where unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs can leave you stranded and drained of your funds, your vehicle deserves the best protection possible. Luckily, Mercury Protect Mechanical Protection plans are here to save the day. Say goodbye to worrying about unforeseen expenses and hello to peace of mind on every drive.

Stay with me to discover how you can safeguard your ride and get a quote now:

First, let’s shed some light on what we’re actually covering. Is this an extended warranty? No, it’s not an extended warranty… It’s better, because it’s like your automobile manufacturer’s warranty, but it never expires, regardless of how long you own your vehicle, or how many miles you drive. You are protected as long as you make your payments, and if you decide it’s not for you – you can cancel at any time.

Here’s the problem. Picture this: You’re cruising down the open road enjoying the freedom of the journey, when suddenly your car starts making strange noises. Panic sets in. You hope there’s nothing serious. But, alas! The worst happens. Your vehicle breaks down, leaving you stranded on the side of the road with a hefty repair bill on the horizon. It’s an unfortunate scenario, but it can happen to anyone.

The solution: Mercury Protect – Vehicle Mechanical Protection Plans. They’re like a superhero for your vehicle! With comprehensive coverage you can rest easy, knowing your car’s major systems are protected against costly repairs. Whether it’s your engine, your transmission, or electrical components; Mercury has your back, ensuring you stay on the road without any worries.

On top of that, Mercury Protect includes 24/7 roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, and special electronics coverage. You can see the details on these coverages, when you pick the plan that’s right for you.

Why Choose Mercury Protect?

Well, reliability for one. Mercury insurance has a proven track record of providing top-notch coverage and excellent customer service. They have been protecting drivers and their vehicles for decades, earning the trust of millions of satisfied customers.

Next, flexibility. Our mechanical protection plan comes in a variety of options tailored to suit your specific needs and budget from basic powertrain protection to comprehensive coverage. We have a plan that’s right for you.

Finally, affordability with competitive rates and flexible payment options. Mercury Insurance makes it easy to get the coverage you need without breaking the bank.

A common question that we get asked all the time is, where can I take my vehicle for repairs? Well, you can take your vehicle to any licensed repair facility. Your vehicle deserves the best protection available. Don’t wait for a breakdown to strike. Take action. Now get a quote from Mercury Protect, safeguard your ride, and drive with confidence; knowing that you’re protected against unexpected repairs and expenses.

Life is full of uncertainties, but protecting your vehicle doesn’t have to be one of them. Mercury Protect plans offer the ultimate peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy every mile, without worrying about costly repairs. Don’t wait for fate to test your luck. Be proactive. Get your quote now (by clicking button above).

Take the first step towards safeguarding your ride and experience the freedom of worry-free driving with Mercury Protect. Take action. Click the button and get your quote. You’ll be glad you did.


Get A Quote Today!

We are proud to partner with Mercury Insurance to provide you with the Mercury Protect Vehicle Mechanical Protection Plan. Remember, you can cancel at any time and there is no expiration! 


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